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Trackless Trains

Indoor and Outdoor Trackless Trains

  • People all over the world have always been fascinated by trains.
  • Our Mini Express trains are the finest trains made.
  • The details put into our trains are second to none.
  • Our trains are powered by a silent electric motor. Not a smelly, fumy, loud riding lawnmower.
  • They are very maneuverable and can turn around in a 12 foot area.
  • This family ride is ideal for indoor malls or outdoor malls, parks, zoos and special events.
  • The train is comprised of a locomotive, coal tender, two coach cars and a caboose.
  • It will carry up to 24 children and adults can also hop aboard!
  • The Mini Express is trackless and operates on level, hard surface terrain.
  • Children and adults are immediately attracted to the train because of its aesthetic qualities and realistic features, including the stainless steel and brass accents.
  • Have Action Attractions bring this unique Trackless Train to your mall or birthday party!
  • Great for parades also!!