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Adrenaline Rush
  • 40'Lx28'Wx17'H
  • The best team building inflatable ever made!
  • Opponents race against each other on equal opposite sides through awesome obstacles then meet in the middle for a heart thumping challenge through pop-ups and get faced with a giant wall climb... finally ending with a super slide to the finish line!
  • Over 85 feet of obstacles!!!
Dual Lane Obstacle Course
  • 28' L x 13' W x 6' H
  • This game is packed with features like pop-ups, a log jam, a squeeze wall, crawl throughs, and jump throughs.
  • Both kids and adults will love this game.

75 ft. Dual Lane Obstacle Course
  • The 75 foot obstacle course is made up of two separate inflatables that are sewn together on site to create a long, challenging obstacle course for all ages!
  • Features pop-ups, log jams, squeeze walls, crawl throughs, and a giant slide to finish it off.

Obstacle Courses

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