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Wrecking Ball
  • A fun, interactive game that brings great competition.
  • 4 players enter the Wrecking Ball and climb on top of unstable platforms. One player begins the game by throwing the giant ball that hangs in middle at another player, trying to knock the player down.
  • Players continue to swing the ball around until all players are knocked off the platform but one.
  • Simple game to learn and provides loads of fun.

Home Run Derby
  • Baseball themed game
  • A ball is placed over a cone that shoots out air to make the ball float. The player swings their bat and tries to hit the ball into one of the holes on the backdrop.
  • Fun game for all ages.

*Wipeout is a registered trademark and is in no way affiliated with FunMan Enterprises dba Action Attractions. Product shown is a simulated replica of Wipeout's Big Balls and has been created to simulate the actual obstacle.

Slippery Slope
  • 21' L x 21' W x 18' H
  • Just like the name, it's a Slippery Slope!
  • You will be saying to yourself, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can," as the slope gets steeper and steeper and more challenging as you get closer to the top.
  • How high can you get your flag before slipping and sliding down the slope?
  • Velcro flags allow for all ages, competitive fun.
  • Socks must be worn to assure proper game play.
Speed Pitch
  • 15'Lx12'Wx11'H
  • How fast is your fastball?
  • Speed radar measures how fast you can throw a baseball!!
  • Prizes available...and fun for any baseball fan!

Big Red Balls
  • Just like the Big Red Balls shown on the popular TV show , Wipeout*, this inflatable is sure to challenge everyone.
  • Heavily padded floor cushions every fall making it fun, safe and exciting for all ages.

Games/Sports Galore
  • 10'Lx10'Wx12'H
  • This entertainment center game is 3 sided...
  • 12 foot high and features up to 8 games.
  • It is a one-stop entertainment center and includes a Frisbee toss, sticky darts and sports challenges.
  • Games Galore includes football, basketball, baseball & soccer kick.

Pedestal Joust
  • 23Lx26Wx3H
  • Gladiators Ready!!
  • This game pits 2 gladiators on pedestals armed with joust poles over a huge inflated floor.
  • The object is to knock your opponent off with a human-sized q-tip!
  • This one is a huge hit for your event!!
  • Head gear available.
Slam Dunk
  • 27' L x 15' W x 12' H
  • Dunk like the pros!!! Long inflated runway with extreme launch pad that allows you to catch big air to the hoop.
Big Glove Boxing
  • 18'Lx15'Wx14'H
  • Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!
  • Knock 'Em & Sock 'Em with oversized boxing gloves.
  • Huge bouncy arena for participants.
  • Fun to watch and fun to play!
  • Head gear available.

Bungee Grab & Go
  • 37'Lx15'Wx7'H
  • Triple lane bungee run.
  • Fun to watch & more fun to play.
  • Three contestants put on a harness with a giant bungee cord attached.
  • As they run down the 35 foot long run way, tensioning the cord, participants try to place a Velcro baton at the farthest possible point before the cord pulls the back down the soft bouncy racing lane.

Full Court Press
  • 16'Lx14'Wx17'H
  • Balls actually cross over to opposite players side.
  • Players must score all their colored balls on the opponent's side within 30 seconds to win.
  • The action heats up when you have to clear your opponent's balls, and can't shoot your own.
  • Truly like full court press action, this game is fast & frenzied, and lots of fun for all ages!!


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