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Knock Em Over
  • A classic carnival game of stacked solid wood pint containers. Can you knock them over??

Milk Jugs
  • A classic carnival game where participants try to toss balls into two oversized milk jugs.
  • Our version of the famous game seen on the Price is Right!

Corn Hole
  • The latest craze that is sweeping the nation in tail-gating games!
  • Fun for all ages.
  • Two platforms are positioned 30 feet apart.
  • Players stand by platforms tossing bags of corn into the platform holes.
  • First team to 21 wins!

Dunk Tank
  • Dunk Tanks are great!
  • Your favorite person is just sitting there waiting to be dunked as you launch the ball at the target. A hit and splash or a miss and boo!
  • People love traditional dunk tanks and ours is the largest tank with a giant viewing window.
  • A dunk tank is a tank of fun.
  • Wide, safe steps outside and inside of tank.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Strong aluminum cage.
  • Automatic trigger sets first time, everytime.
  • 550 gallon Supersize model.
  • Great for rentals or fundraising.
Kiddie Hi Striker
  • A famous carnival game, slam the mallet down and ring the bell! We have a Winner!!

  • Toss a ball onto an angled platform and the ball drops into the basket below.
  • Do you have the right angle?

Circus Seals
  • 14'Lx12'Wx10'H
  • This is a Circus carnival game where kids are fascinated and dazed at how the balls float above the fun, loving seals!
  • Try to knock the FLOATING Balls away from the seals and win!!
Clown Toss
  • Bean-Bag fun! Toss provided bean bags into the clown's mouth!
  • Fun for all ages!

Carnival Games

We Bring The Fun To You!

Ring a Bottle
  • An ultimate classic carnival game! Try to toss plastic rings on bottles.
Spiderman Toss
  • Bean-Bag Fun! Toss bean bags into Spiderman.

Giant Hi-Striker
  • Classic carnival Hi-Striker. Swing the hammer as hard as you can to ring the bell.
  • This game is sure to get the blood pumping and makes for great competition!